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KMSEdu – Knowledge Management Systems at Higher Education Institutions

The project, called KMSEdu - Project for Knowledge Management Systems at Higher Education Institutions - consists of the analysis, specification and development of an integrated environment for knowledge management in higher education institutions, supported by information and communication technologies.

The project aims to allow the development of processes for managing organizational knowledge, in the context of higher education institutions, as well as the measurement of knowledge generated. This is a key issue with increasing importance on educational and research institutions in several EU countries. 

Main objectives of this project:

  • Promote and support organizational knowledge processes, including:
    • the generation of knowledge (supported by initiatives related with creativity, innovation and development);
    • the retention of knowledge, including its explicit articulation and codification;
    • the sharing of knowledge through a variety of means such as communities of practice (electronic and / or face-to-face), selective dissemination of knowledge, expert networks, collaborative environments for interaction and sharing of knowledge and experiences, among others;
  • Define best practices of management knowledge and tools to support those practices
  • Define and support mechanisms for knowledge management through technological tools
  • Monitor and measure the organizational knowledge creation and usage

The project has already led to a master's thesis and a PhD.

Academic and Professional Stages

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