Information Technology Services


Our mission is to ensure the installation, maintenance and operation of all computerised systems and resources in ESEIG, as well as providing technical support to faculty, staff members and students using those resources and systems;

Specific Competencies:

  • Ensure the management and maintenance of the network, communication and telecommunication networks;
  • Manage the different network services (DNS, Proxy, IP address protocols, authentication, etc.);
  • Define and implement safety policies, both for networks and information systems;
  • Define and implement backup and data retrieval policies;
  • Manage the existing computer equipment, namely those in classrooms, labs, in the library, registrar's and other services;
  • Provide technical support to members of the School community who need to solve hardware or software problems;
  • Install and manage teaching and research support software;
  • Ensure the updates for all the campus' software licenses;
  • Manage hardware and software licences and maintenance contracts;
  • Put forward regulations concerning access and use of ESEIG's computerised equipment;
  • Suggest the purchase of software and hardware that may be of interest to the School's departments and services;
  • Make statistics concerning network availability and the usage of the computerised systems;
  • Manage ESEIG's website.

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