IT Security, Cybercrime and Cyberwar



The specialised postgraduate programme in IT Security, Cybercrime and Cyberwar clearly aims at the integration and improvement of IT security and its legal, technical, and strategic framework, so that students may develop cross-curricular competencies in the area of IT security.

The specialised postgraduate programme in IT Security, Cybercrime and Cyberwar will train specialists in the area of IT and computer network security, as well as technicians specialising in areas such as cybercrime, system vulnerabilities, defence mechanisms and computer and network system security. This Programme will develop skills and techniques that create a competitive edge in the area of security and reliability, but will also lead to the evolution of an advanced lab cadre able to meet existing and future challenges.

The programme offers a solid theoretical basis, together with intensive laboratory work, to allow learning how to think and how to operationalise security , according to case studies. The students will have to deal with practical situations of attacks to companies and other organisations, as well as to domestic users, so as to realise how vulnerable computer systems are.

Students will know the vulnerabilities of IT systems, the attacks they may be under, and thus develop effective security techniques against the different types of threats to computer systems. 

Who should attend

The recent publication of the national legislative framework that regulates IT security and imposes functional limits to certain network actions will demand more than just awareness, it will ask for a solid, clear, technical and formal knowledge; a real added value for public and private institutions, companies and other entities using and operating in a network. Therefore, this programme is aimed at different types of candidates, from IT managers to heads of IT centres, administrative system agents in the public sector, national security agents, or simply everyday users of IT networks.They should, however, have prior knowledge of networks, IT systems, network management and programming, so that they may take full advantage of the educational potential of the programme, well beyond its time frame. Preferably, candidates should have an undergraduate degree in the core areas of the programme, or in a related one, as well as a sound mathematical knowledge.​ 


The specialised postgraduate programme in IT Security, Cybercrime and Cyberwar is two semesters long, with classes held at ESEIG's facilities.

The Postgraduate Programme has 240 contact hours.

Fees: 1500€/Year


    Work time (hours)  
Courses Type Total Contact ECTS
Introduction to IT Security 1st Semester 216 TP: 30 8
Ethics, Legal Framework and National and European Cybercrime 1st Semester 162 T: 20 6
Computer Networks 1st Semester 216 TP: 30 8
Safe Programming 1st Semester 216 TP: 40 8
Encryption 2nd Semester 189 TP: 20 7
Network System Security 2nd Semester 189 TP: 30 7
Distributed Systems 2nd Semester 189 TP: 30 7
Prototype Development 2nd Semester 243 TP: 40 9


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