Interior and Spatial Design


The Specialised Postgraduate Programme in Interior and Spatial Design meets the needs of companies and clients within the areas of construction, interiors and design consultancies. The programme is itself directed towards professional practice and the acquisition of a range of skills appropriate to the designer, such as: the ability to create, communicate and organise concepts and ideas within the broad areas of both interior and spatial design.

The programme integrates theory and practice within practical projects and students are encouraged to develop both their intelectual and their aesthetic capabilities in relation to the practice of Interior and Spatial Design.​ 

Who should attend

Students may apply to this course if they have:

  • a Bachelor degree or its equivalent in the areas of: industrial design, product design, equipment design, interior design, architecture or other related areas;
  • a foreign higher education degree, awarded upon completion of a 1st study cycle, organised according to the Bologna model by a State that has adhered to this Process, in design and similar areas;
  • a combination of academic and professional experience appropriate to the area of design and in particular interior and/or spatial design. This route is subject to agreement by the Technical and Scientific Council, here at ESEIG / IPP. 

Possible Career Paths

Upon completion of the course students may explore the following career opportunites: working with a company or studio in relation to the creation and realisation of ideas and concepts; working within communication and image departments, of companies involved in furniture and interiors, construction and materials; as a design consultant within these same areas working closely with clients and specialists from other professions.


The course is available at the site of Profisousa (Avenida Dr. Nicolau Carneiro, 196 in Paços de Ferreira). The curriculum includes the award of a Post-Graduate certificate in Interior and Spatial Design, and classes are offered in the form of two evening sessions (of 5 hours each).

Fees: 1000€/Year


    Work Time (hours)  
Courses Type Total Contac ECTS
Interior and Spatial Design Collaborative Project I 1st Semester 486 TP: 80 18
Interior and Spatial Design Personal Project II 1st Semester 216 TP: 32 8
Design Production and Management 1st Semester 108 TP: 16 4
Interior and Spatial Design Project III 2nd Semester 486 TP: 80 18
Contextual Design Studies in Interior and Spatial Design 2nd Semester 216 TP: 32 8
Visualisation and Presentation 2nd Semester 108 TP: 16 4


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