Management and Human Resources Development



The Master Degree in Human Resources Management and Development assumes as its main goals:

  • To foster the continuous development of strategic and operational processes used in managing people and organisations;
  • To train Human Resources Managers, enabling them to develop competencies in order to focus on continually improving the field of Human Resources;
  • To contribute towards innovation in strategic human resources management;
  • To provide a professional specialisation in the Human Resources Management and Development area.

Who should attend?

According to art. no. 17 of the Decree/Law no. 74/2006, later modified by the  Decree/Law no.107º72008, of June 25th, suitable candidates are all those who:

  • have a bachelor degree or its legal equivalent;
  • have a foreign higher education degree, awarded upon completion of a 1st study cycle organized according to the Bologna model by a State who has adhered to this Process;
  • have a foreign higher education degree, which by decision of the Technical-Scientific Council is recognized as satisfying the objectives of a bachelor degree;
  • have an academic, scientific and/or professional curriculum which the Technical-Scientific Council recognizes as proof of the candidate’s readiness for the study cycle.

Candidates from the following scientific fields are welcomed: Social sciences; humanities; corporate sciences; with or without any prior experience.

Career prospects

  • Human Resources Direction both in public or private organisations, with national and/or international operations;
  • Human Resources Advisement;
  • Human Resources Consultancy;
  • Specialised Human Resources Managers.

Qualifications awarded:

  • NP 4427 Internal auditor qualification awarded by APCER (Portuguese Certification Association)
  • Competency assessor qualification awarded by Pessoas e Sistemas

Accreditation of prior certified learning

Recognition may be awarded to prior formally acknowledged or credited learning in specific suitable areas. Candidates wishing to have prior learning recognized are required to fill in the proper form. 


The Degree takes place at ESEIG, in an evening course format of 15 hours per week. Course materials and class handouts will be made available on the courses’ web page.

Students can use ESEIG’s Library, the computer rooms, and the wireless internet access at ESEIG’s facilities, as well as the provided statistic databases on Portuguese business companies.

Classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (evening format), and on Saturdays morning.



1st Year

Course Type ECTS
International Human Resources Management 1st Semester 3
Management Processes for Human Resources  1st Semester 6
Seminars on Human Resources Management and Development I 1st Semester 6
Stategic Human Resources Management 1st Semester 6
Occupational Health and Quality of Life 1st Semester 3
Research Methodologies and Project in Human Resources I 1st Semester 6
Leadership and People Management 2nd Semester 3
Seminars on Human Resources Management and Development II 2nd Semester 6
Competences Assessment and Management 2nd Semester 6
knowledge and Human Capital Management 2nd Semester 6
Research Methodologies and Project in Human Resources II 2nd Semester 6
Marketing and Human Resources Communication 2nd Semester 3

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