Methods for Business Decision Making


Presentation and general objectives

The Master Degree in Methods for Business Decision Making (MBDM) has the main objective of applying methods and mathematical models to business management so that existing challenges of global markets are met. It will also contribute towards the qualification of specialised professionals in the definition of strategies for uncertain and risk environments, promote advanced domain-specific knowledge acquisition, relating to support models for decision-making in companies.

The interdisciplinarity of the degree programme in the core areas of management (mainly finance and mathematics) aims at promoting the use of quantitative and mathematical models in central economic activities, thus meeting the massive demand for professionals educated in the area of Economathematics. With close cooperation with national companies, mainly small and medium-sized in Northern Portugal, it strives towards the development of skills in this crucial area, which will result in the development of competitive advantages.

The degree in DSSB will also contribute to the promotion of education and research in the area of decision-making support models, encourage the mathematics graduates' employability in the business world and provide ample opportunity for business science graduates to widen their knowledge of quantitative methods.

Employing Institutions

Private companies, Civil Service, Banking Institutions, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Consultancy Firms, Research and Educational Institutions.

Possible Career Paths

  • Financial consultant and analyst
  • Research and development project manager
  • Actuarial analyst
  • Product and process optimisation technician
  • Professional financial manager
  • Data analyst
  • Risk auditor, technician and/ or analyst
  • Specialist in process modelling and simulation
  • Economathematician/ Industrial mathematician
  • Software and product development technician
  • Researcher


1st Year

Subject Type Workload Contact Hours ECTS
Fundamentals of Management 1st semester 125 TP: 30 5
Fundamentals of Finance 1st semester 125 TP: 30 5
Fundamentals of Statistics 1st semester 125 TP: 30 5
Linear Optimisation and Applications 1st semester 125 TP: 30 5
Game Theory 1st semester 125 TP: 30 5
Nonlinear Optimisation and Applications 1st semester 125 TP: 30 5
Econometrics 2nd semester 125 TP: 30 5
Multivariate Statistics 2nd semester 125 TP: 30 5
Logistics and Operations Management 2nd semester 125 TP: 30 5
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences 2nd semester 125 TP: 30 5
Investment Assessment and Financing 2nd semester 125 TP: 30 5
Markets and Financial Products 2nd semester 125 TP: 30 5


The Master in MBDM is a joint degree of the School of Management and Industrial Studies (ESEIG) and the School of Technology and Management of Felgueiras (ESTGF). Classes are taught at both Schools by faculty members from ESEIG and from ESTGF, and the degree is awarded by these two Schools of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto.

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