Human Resources



This Course aims at preparing graduates to manage human resources; developing the skills to design integrated HR development and management strategies (psychosocial, cultural, technical, economic and financial) , both at the organisational and social levels; promoting the skills needed to analyse and design human resources policies, both at the organisational and social levels (local, regional and national entities).

Possible Career Paths

  • Human Resources management;
  • Human resources consulting;
  • Hiring and recruiting;
  • Training and professional qualification;
  • Projects involving negotiation, change and organisational development;
  • Social auditing;
  • Professional development and career management;
  • Job expert;
  • Occupational health and safety officer;
  • Social development projects.


Entrance Exams:

Taking one of the following exams:
(04) Economics
(17) Mathematics for Social Sciences
(18) Portuguese Language

Minimum requirements

Application grade: 95 marks
Entrance exams: 95 marks
Course Schedule: Daytime

Course Duration: 6 Semesters
Degree: Undergraduate


1st Year

Course Type ECTS
Introduction to Human Resources 1st Semester 6
Psycology 1st Semester 4
Introduction to Law 1st Semester 4
Introdution to Social Sciences 1st Semester 4
Introduction to Economy 1st Semester 4
Organizational Models and Strategies 1st Semester 4
Interpersonal Communication 1st Semester 4
Information Technology 2nd Semester 4
Social Psicology 2nd Semester 4
Labour Law I 2nd Semester 4
HR and Labour Market Economy 2nd Semester 4
HR and Organizational Management 2nd Semester 4
HR Management Integrated Models 2nd Semester 4
Project Seminar I / Workplacement I 2nd Semester 6

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