Biomedical Engineering



The Course aims at establishing an interface between the different types of Engineering and the Health Sciences, integrating the typical Engineering applications into therapy and diagnosis, contributing to their development, giving them applicability in an area of growing interest, and also providing them with the modelling and predictability which are characteristic of exact sciences.

Thus, students are expected acquire the following skills:

  • To be able to process bioelectric data through the use of biosensors and adequate instruments allowing for the detection and monitoring of physiological signals;
  • To model and simulate biological systems control processes through system analysis;
  • To obtain a graphic representation or an image of physiological functions or of anatomic details through the use of medical imaging;
  • To promote the usage and development of new materials and equipment with biological uses, both in the area of interfaces and in micro-machinery;
  • To support the automation in decision making processes, through the use of medical information systems and artificial intelligence.

Possible Career Paths

Large and medium-sized health care units, namely hospitals and health care centres with a minimum standard of clinical equipment; Public and Private Centres for Medical Diagnosis and Imaging, Hemodialysis and Radiation Therapy, Clinical Analysis, Physiatry and Physical Therapy, etc.

Biomedical materials and medical equipment industries or franchises of clinical and rehabilitation equipment; SUCH services (services for the Shared Use of Public Hospitals), biomedical research centres or units.


Entrance Exams

(07) Physics and Chemistry
(16) Mathematics

Minimum requirements

Application grade: 95 marks
Entrance exams: 95 marks
Course Schedule: Daytime

Course Duration: 6 Semesters
Degree: Undergraduate


1st Year

Course Type ECTS
Engineering Computing Annual 12
Calculus I Annual 12
Hospital Communication and Organization 1st Semester 4
Physics 1st Semester 6
Organic Chemistry 1st Semester 4
Materials Science 1st Semester 4
Mechanics Physics 2nd Semester 6
Electronics 2nd Semester 6
Materials Engineering 2nd Semester 6

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